Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Walk in the Park

Our morning walks have been getting earlier and earlier in an effort to beat the heat. This morning we started at 8:00am and headed for Tietze Park. I love the walk to and around the park because it's pretty well shaded. However, I sometimes have to avoid the park unless I'm willing to let the kids out of the stroller to play. Mack throws a huge fit if we don't stop and play. We often get out and play on the new toddler toys but usually when there is someone with me. It can be difficult keeping up with all three if I am by myself and especially if Mack or Sophie decide to make a break for it and run off through the field heading towards the street. Today I felt brave after my morning latte so we played. They had a blast swinging, climbing up the slide and playing in the big red car (ok, it's not THE big red car but it was fun).

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Anonymous said...

Their NiNi is very proud of them.