Saturday, June 14, 2008

Breaking Free

The "girls" and I started our Summer Bible Study last Thursday. Last summer we studied the book of Daniel and it was awesome!! Lots of prophecy and intrigue. This summer our study is entitled "Breaking Free". Our study will focus on the book of Isaiah. Both of these studies are by Beth Moore. If you have never done a Beth Moore study, I highly recommend it. Hey, if you want to study with us, you are welcome...we have wine and cheese :) The beginning of the study is pretty timely for me. As you may recall, I've had a pretty big chip on my shoulder and I'm hoping and praying for peace and understanding.

Thanks Marcy for organizing it and we miss you Julie...a lot!!!

I KNOW, I KNOW...enough about me...where are the pics of the kids?! Next time...I promise.

"...Not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit", says the Lord. Zechariah 4:6

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