Saturday, June 28, 2008

Walking is Overrated

Yesterday I had an appointment with my dentist who I have been going to for years. Even before there were triplets or even Abe in my life. She always asks about my life and the triplets.

"How are the kids doing? Now are all three walking?"

"Grace isn't yet" I reply

"Oh she's the one with cerebral palsy. Now do they think she'll ever walk?" She asks

"Well we don't know yet. We are looking into having a surgery in about a year where the spastic nerves are cut and they is a great possibility she will walk. She is really doing great though. She's smart and has a large vocabulary. We had her tested and she will go to school with her brother and sister and.........." and on and on I went.

I have this need to explain to everyone that although she can't walk she is still so wonderful. She is still worthy. I want you to love her. Why is that?


Mel said...

I do the same thing! However, there is no way to explain the love and joy we feel about our children and how proud we are of their accomplishments. In a way, I guess thats okay.

Have a nice weekend.

Jackie said...

I think it's because we want others (and perhaps ourselves) to know that our children are so incredible - each in their own way. I do it with Kat & Bek. I tell others of their struggles, but also their triumphs and how wonderful they are. Seems to me that is what you are doing with Gracie. You just want people to know how incredible she is.

Is that too simplified?

Anonymous said...

Man it is so hard to watch your heart live outside of your body....all the vulnerability exposed like that. You love so well Jac. Your children are blessed.

I love you.

AZ Chapman said...

Jac I have had a similar experience with The So. I have the need to tell anyone who will listen that I am in AP history. I don't know why I do it like you I think it has to be a mystery of growing up (or parenting) a disabled child

BusyLizzyMom said...

I do it all the time. I as my hubby says "brag" about her, her latest phrase was or what she is doing cognitively. I want people to know her for her and as most people cannot understand her or hear her little voice I have tell them what she is saying so they will see she is a bright little girl. I think I do it more for me than for her. I just want people to see her as her.

Patyrish said...

Same here.....I don't know why I feel the need to justify Makily to strangers but I do. I want everyone to see her as the PERFECT child she is but I know not everyone will.

I feel ya.

Anonymous said...

AZ, I used to feel the need to flaunt my high academic achievements in certain subjects to "make up for my disability." I even had my GPA in my blog profile at one point. It got to the point where I felt I was only worthy if I made a certain grade etc. It's only recently I'm realizing that I'm worthy for who I am and being the best person I can be.

To Grace's Mom. Grace is a wonderful little girl with many qualities that make her special. Lets hope that those who meet her appreciate the unique individual she is.