Monday, June 23, 2008

A Little Art History

I went in to check on the kids during naptime one day last week and this is how I found Sophie. Kathryn has been giving her these very cool board books about famous artist for birthdays and Christmases. Her collection has become quite extensive. I personally love these books and couldn't wait for Sophie to get into them. Well now you also loves them. These are the books she selects to read every time I give her a choice. I will read the commentary about each painting and she will explain the picture to me. If you don't have these for your kids, I highly recommend them. So far we have Monet, Picasso, Seraut, Van Gogh, Matisse and others (I think we have about 12 so far).


Jen said...

I love that she has her crocs on during naptime.

Jackie said...

She wears her crocs ALL the time! Won't take them off. It was pretty cute last Saturday @ the pool... Sophie & Mack with their crocs on IN THE WATER!

As far as the books go, I was sitting in the floor with Gracie last week and Sophie brought me each book - one at a time - to read. She would bring the book, sit down, read it and then get up and go get a new one. She LOVES them!

Anonymous said...

They are very smart children and
very cultural.

The Mapleheads said...

What wonderful books and how fantastic Sophie loves them so much. I think books often provide us a glimipse into the way a child looks at the world, and puts things in order to make sense to them. How I wish we all could keep that perspective as we age!