Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Grace Wants A Hug

Today Grace had round two of Botox injections. There were a few tears, but as always Grace handled it like a champ...and I handled it quite well myself. I've become a pro at the all the doctors' visits, at all the therapies, at picking at equipment and even at discussing Grace's disabilities without breaking down and sobbing. I thought I had the art of being a good cp mom down really well.

Today something happened that brought new things to light for me. Things that I'm afraid are going to be harder for me...and handle.

After baths tonight, Mack and Sophie were running around and hugging each other. It was a game that started with "I hug you!" and often ended with both of them on the ground laughing hysterically. Grace and I sat on the sofa reading a book, watching and laughing with them.

Grace says "I want a hug".

"Sophie and Mack, Grace wants a hug. Can you give her a hug." I ask.

"No!" they scream and run in circles laughing.

So Grace, being the smart girl she is says "I want to stand up".
She's thinking...if I stand like them then I'll get a hug. So I stand her up.

"Look Grace is standing, can you give her a hug." I plead.

"No!" is their response.

Grace is dejected and I'm...well, I'm furious!!! How can they reject her!?! Why won't they play with her!?! Is this the way school will be for her!?! Is this the way life will be for her!?! Everyone goes to bed and I sit on my front steps sobbing.


Melanie said...

aww, can I give her a hug? and you one too? I cried when I read it. I know that the others were playing and they don't know that what they do can hurt a person (at least at that age). But I also think the same thing of Daniel when he is off at school. We just want our kids to be accepted and not left behind.

Mel said...

I too have those moments when something hits me hard like that. I've decided it's okay to cry once in awhile.

Too bad you don't live next door... Crew is always game for a Big Hug:)

AZ Chapman said...

I feel your pain i blogged about a similar incident earlier this month I with Melanie I want to give that kid a hug too

Here is the post

I think we both need a hug

come visit

Anonymous said...

Aunt Shelly, Uncle TW, Macey & Darcey will always have PLENTY of hugs for our Gracie!!!

Anonymous said...

Tom, Jordan and I have a big hug for Gracie and you. Hang in there! Remember, God is hugging Grace all day long. Love, Rolanda

Melissa said...

Big hugs to both of you...

The Morgan Mommy said...

Awwww! Next time she asks for a hug jump on in and start playing your own hug game with her! Carry her around and be her legs for her. Nothing is more special than having Mommy be your partner in a game. And when the others ask to jump in,'s Graces turn. :)

Anonymous said...

Lots of hugs and kisses for my Gracie.

BusyLizzyMom said...

Can you give Grace a hug from us? That would have broke my heart. Seeing the dynamics of Mack and Sophie must be so hard knowing that Grace is not able to participate in all that they do together.
Big Hugs