Monday, June 16, 2008

Kat Kat is So Funny!

The kids were showing Kat Kat their new toddler beds (which they are doing great with...more later). They think she is so funny.

(notice we kept a crib up...just in case)


Mel said...

How fun to hear them all laughing!

AZ Chapman said...

I love how mack and Grace are playing together what are the trip up to this summer?

Melissa said...

OMG you can't help but smile when you hear such laughter! So cute!

Kat Kat is pretty funny!

twinmama said...

Love the giggles. They're awesome. I can't wait to hear more about the toddler beds. Trying to decide when to make the move with the girls. Neither seems to mind their crib and since Hannah won't be climbing out of it anytime soon I figured I'd wait awhile, but am rethinking that as they approach their 3rd bday.

Are your kids potty trained yet btw? Just starting that process as well. I've been in no rush; don't want to deal with the hassle!

Anonymous said...

This is so great to hear them all laugh and talk. Can't wait to see them.

Bird said...

I love a kid's laugh. I had no idea until I had my own.

I was reading about your predicament with picking out a class that Grace can't go to, and I was wondering. Does Grace have things or visitors that the other two don't have? Perhaps you could explain it to her like that. This is their "therapy."

Patyrish said...

Isnt it sweet how something so simple can make them laugh their sweet little heads off?