Monday, June 9, 2008

More Party Pics

I mentioned in a previous post that we went to Tulsa for my twin nieces' birthday party. The theme (there's always a theme) was sports, and we were "encourage to dress appropriately (we are always encouraged to dress the theme) So my family went in University of Texas gear. Although I did not attend UT, Abe did and he is quite passionate about it. I told him I would never wear burnt one looks good in it...but I submitted and it made him happy. We were surrounded by Oklahoma State orange and Oklahoma red. Here are some pics in our burnt orange.

My niece Aubrey
My brother Brad and nephew Beck
Macey and Darcey and their amazing birthday cake. Can you believe that cake?!


Justinich Family said...

Ok, that is the coolest cake I have ever seen, did someone make it or was it from a bakery. Love the outfits.
Stacy from CP moms

Jen said...

GO POKES!! Man, those are some cute kids on OSU Orange!!

AZ Chapman said...

Love the orange t shirt and the cake who made it come visit

Anonymous said...

Burnt Orange makes EVERYONE look better! Did you save me a piece of cake?

Love you.

Kelly said...

I hear you! I tell people that I'm a Longhorn-by-marriage. Cute pics and happy belated birthday to you!!!

:) Kelly