Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Yesterday afternoon the four of us walked to Starbucks. Walks have become part of our daily routine (weather permitting). Sometimes we take walks in the morning and afternoon. The kids love it and it gives us a good chance to practice our animal sounds. Often we will walk to Starbucks for mommy's daily caffeine or sometimes her second cup of coffee. I really need to work on my addiction to Starbucks coffee but it keeps calling me back. (Abe says we could probably buy a new house if I would quit going to Starbucks...one battle at a time Honey :) I'm not sure my true addiction is the coffee...I like the whole Starbucks experience. I think it has become my Cheers. I always see people I know and the baristas call me by name (ok, sometimes it's Jackie but it makes me feel special :) I don't get the regular coffee...Grande Vanilla Non-Fat Latte please. (My Aunt Glenda calls it my "treat") I've even gotten some good info on Mother's Day Out programs from other moms. Today I was brave and let Mack and Sophie out of the stroller. They were great!! Dr. Sophie took important phone calls while wearing her 1/2 stethoscope (btw...who IS she always talking to) and Mack ran around (run Mack run...let's get all the energy out) and Grace and I talked with the regulars. As you can imagine we get a lot of attention with the Runabout stroller. We are ROCK STARS!!!


KiddoKare said...

Those are great pictures. I'm already enjoying reading about you guys. It makes me feel like I'm "there"!

Chana Keefer said...

Love it! So you succumbed to Starbucks as well. Welcome to the club. Yeah, they've been my "Cheers" for the past year. I'm so proud of you guys. The kids are amazing! Keep up the good work you amazing, blogging supermom!