Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Perfectly Coifed

"ALL that hair!" is a common comment we get about Mack's hair. His hair has been a source of controversy with friends and family. Some really think we should cut it while others say "DON"T DARE CUT HIS HAIR!" I love, love, love the baby mullet and his is extra cute because of the curls. He loves to have it brushed and will let me put it in a ponytail sometimes. I know the day will come when all those beautiful curls will have to go but for now he's my little rock star.


Bailey's daddy said...

He would probably look cute in a tutu and ballet slippers, too. Throw a Barbie doll in his hands and it would be just adorable!

C'mon Jac, let the boy be a boy, you got two girls!

Really, it isnt fair if he gets to have a mullet and I get made fun of for wanting my 1988 mullet back. . .

Jacolyn said...

I say bring the mullet back!! Business in the in the back...hee hee.