Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Green Eggs and Ham

"I do not like that Sam-I-Am. I do not like green eggs and ham." How many times can you read Green Eggs and Ham quickly through before you are severely tongue tied? I challenge you to give it a try. This book has become Mack's new favorite. He LOVES it and insists we read it multiple times before he is satisfied. There is nothing cuter than Mack crawling up in your lap demanding "I Do I Do"...his name for the book. He, as well as the girls, loves books. This is wonderful and I only want to encourage it but let's try to mix it up a bit with something new every now and then. Tonight before bedtime Sophie walks over to Mack to give him his favorite book. It was the sweetest thing but I could only think "Not Again!" Thank goodness Kathryn came by for a visit and had a "chance" :) to read it to him. (She's read it to him even more than I have) Thanks're the best!

oh and btw...if you're wondering...yes, Mack has a mullet and no, I'm not cutting it just yet. I love it!!!

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