Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wiggles and Pajamas

We are having a Wiggles and Pajamas day today. Mack and Grace had eye muscle surgery yesterday. For those of you that don't know, Mack and Grace both had Strabismus (big word for crossing of the eyes) which is fairly common for premies. To fix the problem the muscles that surround the eyes are cut and reattached (Yuck!) The surgeries went well but we have had a tough time last night and this morning. Grace couldn't hold down food and Mack was pretty clingy (well...wouldn't you be). Their eyes are pretty red but we are very hopeful that this will fix the problem. They seem to be feeling better this afternoon and are watching the Wiggles (or Giggles as Grace calls them) in their pajamas with their stuffed animals from the hospital. They don't typically get to watch this much TV but whatever they want they can have today. Thanks to everyone for the prayers!!

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