Friday, May 25, 2007

Grace's New Shoes

We picked up Grace's AFOs last Friday. She doesn't mind wearing them (thankfully) and it makes supported standing so much easier. We have ordered a gait trainer and hope to get it soon. This will help her stand and hopefully walk. We are still waiting on insurance to approve the Botox treatments but we try to be patient because I know this is only the beginning of dealing with insurance issues for expensive procedures and equipment.

It exciting to finally get them since she is so anxious to walk and needs the support but the moment was bittersweet. So many questions...WILL these help her walk? how long will she have to wear them? what is the next step in all of this? will she be made fun of? how will Abe and I deal with this? CAN I deal with this? am I special enough to deal with her special needs (don't feel like it)? Sometimes it is so hard but I know she will do well...she is an amazing little girl.

(that's Beth (Kathryn's grandmother and the trip's adopted grandmother) in the picture. We love you Beth!

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Jackie said...

Princess Grace... You WILL walk, then run, then dance!

And one day your mommy (who is QUITE special btw) will wish you she still had you by her side, but you will be with Sophie & Mack... tearin' it up!

I love you all, J