Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Greg, Murray, Jeff and Anthony

I think I've made a terrible mistake! While the kids were recovering from eye surgery I let them watch the Wiggles as much as they wanted (you would've too if you'd seen those sad eyes begging for Giggles). We have also let the kids watch them on road trips in the van. Well, Sophie and Grace are hooked. They LOVE them...in fact, they seem quite obsessed!!! Today, I brought a Wiggles book home hoping to entice them away from the TV and back to books. Grace was so excited. It was a big hit!! The Wiggles have become such a big topic of conversation in our house that even Abe, Kathryn and I have totally analyzed Greg, Murray, Jeff and Anthony's personalities and speculated about what they might be like in real life. I know...very sad! Like I said, I've made a terrible mistake :)

ps..I have modified the options so that anyone can now leave a comment even though you don't have a google account. So, comment away!


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Tara said...

i smell a birthday at the wiggles playcenter in frisco :)
we have GOT to get together sometime!!!!!!!! love the blog :)