Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas Vacation - Part I

Every year Abe and I trade spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with each others family and then make an after Christmas trip to see the family we didn't spend Christmas day with. This year it was our turn to spend Christmas with Abe's family in Boerne, Texas. His sister, Rachael and her husband and daughter were flying in from Virginia and would also be there. We left Dallas Saturday morning and returned home on Wednesday to make preparations for CV Part II. Except for Grace refusing to sleep in her own bed, the kids behaved fairly well, considering they are two and there are three of them. As always, we had some great food...menudo, homemade hot sauce and pasties, as well as lots of homemade cookies. Below are a few photos from the trip. Unfortunately I didn't get any of Grandma or Aunt Katie.

Mack's first gift (from Abe's counsin Justin) was Mater and Lightning McQueen from the movie Cars. He was so excited and couldn't wait for Grandpa to get them out of the package. It was then that he realized that there is some good stuff in those packages. Aunt Rachael also looks very excited ;)
Justin did great on the gifts this year. He got Grace and Sophie satin princess sleeping bags. The girls love them! I can't wait to go shopping with my gift card...Thanks Justin!
Uncle Jay (Grandpa Billy's brother) told some very funny stories about Abe's great grandmother Jenny. When I originally met her she had Alzheimer's and she died shortly after our wedding so I didn't really get to know her. I know I would love her! You can tell she was very feisty and funny and that she is really missed.
This is Jay's awesome wife Mary and daughter Jackie (there is another Jaclyn Lieck!) Mary has an infectious laugh and Mack adores her. She is so much fun! (That's their other daughter Julia asleep)
Grandma and Grandpa have lots of goodies in the garage and pulled out this wagon for the kids. They had a great time being pulled around. The Liecks have a beautiful, peaceful home in the Texas Hill Country
This is a picture of Grandpa reading Grace her favorite book. Grace loves Grandpa...and so does everyone else.
Part II will be coming soon....


Mel said...

The sleeping bags are gorgeous and Lightning McQueen... well, what else is there to say;)

Wishing you a great 2008!

Patyrish said...

oooo those satin sleeping bags look NIIICE! I want one for myself! Love the last pic with grandpa...VERY sweet!