Wednesday, January 16, 2008

She's On The Move!

Yes, we have yet another piece of equipment. We discovered that the Purple Pacer was too heavy and too much support for Grace so we decided to try a different kind of walker. This very cool green walker is called the Nurmi Neo by Otto Bock. I have no idea why it's call Nurmi Neo (Otto Bock is a German Co) but maybe it's named after this guy. Do you know?

One of the frustrations we face is finding the right kinds of equipment for Grace. Not only is the equipment expensive but we have found that is sometimes difficult to "try before you buy". I have relied a lot of other cp moms who provide valuable experience and input on so many things that I am trying to figure out as I travel this journey with Grace. Thank you so much ladies...I love you!

So far the Nurmi has been great!! I hope to figure out how to put video on the blog so you can see her. (Help anyone?) She is so proud and so am I!


BusyLizzyMom said...

Very cool walker. She looks so proud of herself. I hope she has more success with this one.

AZ Chapmen said...

Go grace

Patyrish said...

That walker looks super cool! She looks so great standing there in it! I know you are terribly proud.

We are in the same boat with Makily as far as walkers. We tried the Kaaye but it didnt have enough support....she gets lazy in the rifton with the sling seat....we have to figure something out.

Angie said...

Go Grace go!!! She looks so happy. :)
I can add video to my blog, there's an icon right next to the photo/image icon...could be b/c ur on a mac?

Jackie said...

She must have had a terrific coach to be so adapt!!! I'm so proud of her and am looking forward to her out-running the others soon. love, J

Anonymous said...

The picture of Grace brings tears to my eyes (happy tears). She looks so cute and happy. So proud of her and of course you.

Melissa said...

How cute would our two kids look walking down the sidewalk together with their matching walkers?! It would be beyond adorable!!!

Nathan would say "Come on Grace, lets GO!" hehe

Anonymous said...

She looks so happy and confident. go girl!

Love you.