Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Learning Our Body Parts

Yesterday morning as I'm changing Mack's diaper he grabs his privates and asks "What's that?"

"That's your penis." I reply.

"Penis" he echos.

As I close up his diaper he waves and says "Bye bye penis."

He is way too cute!


Melissa said...

Yes yes I have the penis conversation quite often. What is it? Why don't you have one? etc. The questions that arise at bath time are just hilarious.

Oh and about Grace going to preschool. I think she will do much better if she is mainstream with Mack and Sophie. Nathan will be going with Owen soon and I actually put him with kids that are older so that they can assist him and he can learn from them.

Patyrish said...

and so talking to his penis begins! DIdnt realize this happened so early in boys! LOLOL

Melanie said...

HA HA HA I love it!
Daniel has grabbed his and yanked on it pretty good. For a child who can't use his arms and hands very well he certainly gets a good hold! Gotta pry those little fingers off there.

Anonymous said...

hahahahaaa! Welcome to my world.