Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Follow-up to Preschool Registration

The kids don't start preschool until September. I wanted to make sure we got 3 spots so I signed them up the first day registration began. I was first in line. You gotta do these things when you have a house full of kids.


AZ Chapman said...

so is Sophie going to be in mainstreamed preschool just wondering. come visit by the way.

Jacolyn said...

Hi AZ, Grace is the one with CP and we are still deciding, since we have a little. Any thoughts on the issue?

AZ Chapman said...


for starters sorry about the names I hope you forgive me

Secondly I went to a special Ed preschool but transfered to mainstream and did another year of preschool( 5 in pre-k ) and have not been in SDC as a student since. ( I help out in there) I don't know Grace but normally Cp dose not cause MR so Grace very well may be as smart as her bother and sister. Maybe you can do the same thing as me or something different,

My advice talk to other parents of school aged kids with Cp and other disabilities in mainstreamed and not. Talk to teachers OT ST PT and your hubby, In the end you have to go with your gut feeling and hope for the best.
Hope I helped

ps I talk to my mom and see what she says.

Anonymous said...

For all its worth my advice is - Grace needs to go mainstream - from the start .