Saturday, January 12, 2008

Get Real

One Saturday morning a few months ago, Abe and I were walking with the kids to the park. On the route we were taking that particular morning there was beautiful, newly built home for sale. Although I knew it would be out of our price range, I still wanted to look around. So while Abe and the kids made their way to the park, I began peering in the windows. When I got to the back of the house there was another woman peering in the house. We started talking and walked to the park together. I liked J instantly...she was so upfront and open about herself. During our conversation we discovered that we both had young daughters with special needs. Her daughter is about 6 months younger than Grace and although they have been to numerous doctors and specialists she still does not have a diagnosis. She was looking for a MDO program to put C in but didn't want her to be put in a younger class just because she wasn't walking. I told her about our MDO program, which as you know, I LOVE, and she was able to get C enrolled. So, now I see J at least once a week at MDO. We talk about our frustrations with different therapies and all the appointments we have. We vent about about our lives. We are real with each other. Oh, we're not all doom and gloom. We also brag about our kids and about our accomplishes as well. I really like her. I trust her.

Okay, I'm getting to the point of my story. Do you have friends who never have any problems...everything is always great...never a cloud in the sky? Although they are always smiling and turning on the charm, you know that everything is not as it seems...that they do have problems and issues. Their disappointments may not be the same as ours, but they're there. Well, I have some of those friends. I love them, but sometimes I just want the real story. I want to know how they REALLY are. Please don't get me wrong I'm not about whining all the time. I just want the real you. I can handle it and it might make you feel better.


Melissa said...

Ohhhh am I with you on that one!!! I have no problem telling people when I am just feeling like crap. I have one friend that I can tell absolutely anything. She is the type of friend that even when you're talking and trying to keep something from her you just can't. We can sense eachother like no one else can. I love it. It is the best thing about having girlfriends, being able to be real and not be judged!

Mel said...

Friends like that are priceless. I was just having this conversation the other day with a co-worker. It's nice to have someone that you can trust enough that you don't feel like you will be judged. Jacolyn, I really wish we were RLF!

Anonymous said...

What a blessing that we have a friendship like that.

Love you.

Patyrish said...

Oh yea I think we all know people that are always happy all the time. It's impossible and I agree...I WANT THE REAL PERSON....everyone has problems..everyone. No one's life is perfect.

How cool that you met a new friend with a SN child? Always nice to have someone to talk to that knows what you are going through.