Thursday, January 3, 2008

CV Part II or Who's Your Guitar Hero?

So, we get home from Boerne on Wednesday after Christmas, unload the car, wash clothes, repack car and drive Thursday to Edmond, Oklahoma to see my mother, my sister Shelly and her family (from Tulsa), and my brother Brad and his family (from Austin). We also go to see my Aunt Neva and John, Cousin Shirley and Jerry and Neville. It was so good to see everyone! We pretty much just hung out at the house, watched kids and played Guitar Hero. I had never seen it before but let's just say...I ROCKED!!! See photos below.

This was an attempt to get a photo of all the kids in the pajamas in front of the Christmas tree. Yeah was pretty bad. Mack and Sophie refused to cooperate. Hey kids, look at your cousin Aubrey and how good she is behaving. The children behaving are Macey and Darcey (yes, my sister also has identical twins...neat huh) and Beck and Aubrey...and of course, sweet Grace.
This is my mother and our great friend Neville with my trio. Again a difficult photo to get. I think we finally put Bob the Builder on the TV to keep Mack in place. (Neville didn't get the memo about the black turtlenecks :) btw...Grace didn't want to have anything to do with anyone but NiNi and Nevi (I think they were sneaking her candy)
NiNi (my mother) and ALL her grandchildren.
The night before we left, NiNi and Neville watched the kids (except Beck) so we could go out to dinner. We decided to go to Cattlemen's Steakhouse in Oklahoma City. This was one of my parent's favorite steak places. No frills just good meat! I'm such a country girl at heart.
(Look Rachael, I'm wearing my pretty new sweater :)
Who's your Guitar Hero? Well, there was a lot of good competition that weekend. Shelly and her husband, who are not competitive at all (har har) fought it out.
Here's Shelly trying to get some Starpower!
Look at the intensity on Brad's face. My mother just keeps saying..."If Brad would only practice this much on his real guitar, he would be so good."
I look like such a natural.
Now there's my Guitar Hero. Rock out Abe!
(Okay, Okay, I know that this is actually a video game and requires more hand/eye coordination than actual musical talent but let me have my dream...Abe you are my rockstar!)
Way to go Abe....beat the two year old!! Aubrey had seen her daddy (my brother Brad) play this so much that she's a natural.


Melissa said...

Haha Guitar Hero! My friends are HARD CORE guitar hero rockstars but I just can't get into it. I don't know why. I have more fun laughing at them. Now the big thing is the Wii bowling and tennis which is even funnier to watch.

All the kids are so cute. And Bob the builder gets the same reaction at my house. Mine are also huge fans of Toopy & Binoo.

Lonnie said...

I am the champ at guitar hero. No mercy...bring it on!

T-Bone said...

Christmas is for kids, and some of the toys are for adults. Right? Right! A work buddy of mine got Guitar Hero and raved about it. Looks like a blast.

BusyLizzyMom said...

Guitar hero seemed to be a theme during our Christmas as well. I having no coordination or musical inclination could not get over 21%.
Christmas is just as much for the men as it is for the kids.
I love Grace's pink All stars I will have to look into them for Elizabeth's new AFO's. Too cute.

Jen said...

What cute kids in the striped Christmas pjs!!! Brad & I are happy that GH was such a hit, we will make sure to bring it to all future family events. We had a great Christmas!! Thanks for making is so special.

Melanie said...

OMG! Guitar Hero.......we should get your hubby and my hubby together to play. Lonnie is very competetive.

HA HA, as I am typing this I see that Lonnie already commented......and there you have it.......bring in on!

Anonymous said...

Great Christmas with loads of fun. Loved having everyone here.
Love, NiNi

Billie said...

Love the pics:)

My sister has fraternal twins, a boy and a girl, too! They just turned 13, hard to believe...

Patyrish said...

I love that you guys got DOWN to guitar hero. I have played once and well I am NO GOOD. It's really fun though.

Letitia said...

This is great info to know.